Resolutions for 2013.1 min read

What will your priorities be for 2013?

A new year, time for resolutions (or objectives if you prefer a more direct approach). Talking about resolutions is talking about priorities. It is about defining what will be important for you, your job, your team,… in the coming months. It can be about what you want to achieve, but also in how you want to get there (or with whom)?

I dare to argue that in the world we live in, where change is a daily given, thinking about the who, the whom and the why is even more important than the exact what. It still is important to know what you want to achieve in 6 months from now, but it might be even more important to know how you will monitor whether your course of action is still the right one, how to make decisions in case of storm, how to adapt quickly and keep your team innovative and alert.

Taking time to really think about it is not wasted time, it is a sound investment in being effective and successful in 2013.

Let me wish you a successful 2013, full of new challenges, great people to meet and lot’s of customers to please!

Laat van je horen.