Opportunity Indigestion1 min read

Packard’s Law states: “A great company is more likely to die of indigestion from too much opportunity than starvation from too little“.

In today’s 3.0 world, the ability for companies (as an institution or as a network of employees) to attract the ‘right’ people becomes crucial. Just hiring people based on job descriptions is becoming kind of strange (to be polite) in an environment where both customers, markets, products, CEO’s,… change at the speed of light. The only true skills that remain relevant are ability to change (and thus eagerness to learn & open-mindness), creativity (in connecting with people, ideas,…) and willingness to succeed (the old getting things done, be solution oriented, be able to act fast and learn).

For these employees to actually deliver, your company needs a clear vision, purpose and core-values. Without it, you will either limit the creativity (and in the end loose those employees) or they will not be able to work in the same direction.

The last part of the cocktail is for employees to have personal values to be in line with your company values, as this is the only way to guarantee long-term sustainability of the continuous improvement of both your employees as your company.

Today’s world is full of opportunities, don’t get a indigestion!

Ps: One fourth cocktail element: have fun!

Laat van je horen.