Marketing/Strategic Plan1 min read

Helping you in doing the right things is about planning. At JOINED!, we don’t believe in 3 years plan’s. They are for accountants and people who believe the world does not change. With markets, employees,… changing continuously and new and innovative solutions every day, planning is more effective on the medium term (6-12 months). But we know the drill: you are stuck in the day to day urgencies.


  • Set a framework for all your day to day decisions (make sure you keep doing the right things).
  • Enable sharing of this framework to the rest of the organisation.
  • Identify and select the best market opportunities.
  • Plan your approach and go to market.


  • Get your team in the strategic mindset.
  • Align them for quick goal-setting.
  • Development of the marketing plan.
  • Define go-to-market framework.

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