Event Driven Marketing: Still hot?1 min read

Event Driven Marketing, the term exist already for some years now. So you might argue if it is still hot in modern Marketing. However, a quick look on the number of direct mails and other marcom you receive indicates that a lot of companies urgently need to have a look at what Event Driven Marketing is all about.

Off course, pure by coincidence, I just finished a white paper I was working on more than a year ago. It gives you a fast-paced glimps at what Event Driven Marketing is all about. If you have heard the phrase “We should start from the customer” more than 3 times in your last 5 meetings, you should probably read this ;-).

Feel free to download the PDF file (via Slideshare). After all, it is… Free!

And also, do not hesitate to give your view on it! 😉

Happy EDM-ing!

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