Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.1 min read

Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger.

Off course, you always want to be AND harder AND better AND faster AND stronger (AND more AND less costly AND more innovative…)
The real question is: if you are forced to choose, what do you do?

Do you want to go towards more customers
or do you want to be there with more products
or do you want to be the first with a new idea?

Probably, there is no right answer, as it al depends on the situation.
If you are for example a large commodity supplier in a saturated market, you want to be STRONGER. Taking more parts of the existing value chain for example. If you are in a downside market, you want to be BETTER and do the same for less. Reduce your operational costs again and again…
If you are a start-up, you want to go HARDER: taking more customers with your one product/service you are build upon.

But when in doubt, the smartest way is probably to go for FASTER. Getting towards the market faster gives you either more revenue and margin/EBIT, or it gets you to failure more quickly. Which enables you to learn, adapt en beat the competition that has not yet failed but is loosing touch points with their existing audience.

Laat van je horen.