Habits of successful artists – Spark 6: Make predictions.2 min read

It’s the time of the year for it: New Year’s resolutions. But making predictions is not about what you are about to do (or not to do, for what that matters).

Great leaders have the guts to stand out and describe how not only their future, but also that of their company, their industry, and even the future of the world… will look like tomorrow.


Most people don’t know where to go to.

If you can help them in picturing a vivid image of what the world might look like tomorrow, it will help them, their team, their organisation to start working on it, to guide their work (and, if necessary, to start the change).

It brings the sparks to others.

Yes! Others dream as well! By confronting them with how you see the change, they might be more willing to share their view. Confronting the dreams can only help in making them more realistic, more real,… and you already have at least 2 people who believe in a dream becoming reality.

Being able to picture the future is the first step in creating it.

If you are able to see, draw, explain, code,… what will be different tomorrow, it means you have something that already past the first test: it is not so high up in the clouds that we cannot grasp it with our current level of understanding of the world. Thus picturing the world is already half of the work!


Dream big

When in doubt: dream a little bigger. There will be plenty of people, moments, committees, bosses, gatekeepers,… to make your ideas more ‘realistic’ afterwards, so you can better overcompensate that upfront.

Share it with others

Share your dream with others. First of all, this will force you to frame your ideas, make them just tangible enough,… Secondly, what is the use of your ideas if they will never become reality (aka the new normal). Lastly, it will show your commitment: it’s your idea and reputation on the line.

Be part of the dream

Take commitment in the steps towards the creation of the new reality you paint. Be the change that is necessary!

You should give it a try!

Laat van je horen.