Habbits of succesful people – Spark 7: Teach others.2 min read

The first thing I learned from my very first manager ever (thanks Mark for that!) was to make sure you are never the only person that can do the job. It felt so contradictory to everything I expected (especially if that first job is in a high tier technology consultancy firm). I thought that being the only that could do a certain job meant power and a secure future. Thanks to Mark, it did not take me long to realise that keeping ‘knowledge’ from others is the most stupid thing anyone can do in today’s world.

Let’s explain by kicking in with the most interesting one:

You can enjoy holidays if others can do your job. If you are the only one who knows something, prepare yourself for a boss that will be reluctant to give you a holiday and lots of incoming text messages while you are sipping your cocktail at the beach.

When you want to be a leader, you are more ‘evaluated’ on your ability to teach others than to actually perform tasks yourself. Delegating means making sure your people can do what you do.

From organisational perspective, people having the monopoly to a certain tasks, process, knowledge,… are a single point of failure. You don’t want to be called that…

Sharing knowledge is fun: it gives you a good feeling: you should try it out!

Giving new ideas to others might spark their feedback… and eventually might even deepen your own knowledge.

And probably the most important: In today’s world, you need to be able toadapt yourself… which means learning new things. How you think you’re peers will share there knowledge with you if you are being a protective lone wolf?

Laat van je horen.