Everybody wants to be the marketeer.1 min read

The glossyness of your product leaflets, the color of a button on your website, the typeface of your logo,… it seems that everybody (from sales over IT up until your CEO) has an ‘expert’ opinion on it. Let’s make it clear to all ‘marketeers’: When we say that ‘everybody is a marketeer’, we mean that you all should think about customer experience in your part of the value chain, that you too should be aware that you communicate with the customer (not only when you pick up the phone in a call centre, but also in the way you present your offer to the customer and in the way your invoice is structured).

So yes: marketing communications is a profession, customer obsession is (next to a passion) a company asset for sustainable development.

Now you all be ‘marketeers’ in your part of the value chain!

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