7 habits of highly effective people: 7 learnings in 1 visual.1 min read

I am a firm believer of getting inspiration from books. They have a lot of advantages compared to other forms of learning:

  • They are cheap – For the price of one class-room or in-house training, you can buy books for the rest of your professional career.
  • You can easily pass them on (And share your thoughts on them).
  • You can skip parts (You know the feeling when you are in a classroom training and the first 3 hours are on topics you already know a lot about).
  • You can access them everywhere (hey, I’m living in a country with Blackout potential ;-)).
  • They typically go more in-dept than blog-posts.
  • But off course, you need to remember what is in there, so sometimes you need a quick recap of knowledge. That’s why doodling the main learnings of a book can come in handy.

My latest one is an old one: The 7 habits of highly effective people (by Stephen R. Covey). Down in one image!

2014-10-06 21.00.55


Laat van je horen.