Underestimated sense: Scent.1 min read

Keeping up with my running activities, almost back home from my run, 2 people on a bike passed me. My speed is not high at all, so they passed me rather quick. But in a split second a perfume of one of them hit me and in that same split second, my brains brought back the memories of my first girlfriend (whatever that may be in a first relationship ;-)).

Off course, this blog is not about my personal (love) life, but it is striking that scent can lead towards memories and feelings so quick: I did not notice who passed me, and being honest, even if I would see my first girlfriend back now, it would probably take me more than seconds to even recognise her.

I reckon it is harder to introduce scent into marketing campaigns (you cannot easily print a scent for the time being) than your average flashy visuals, but the power in it is great.

Something to keep in mind!

Some info to start with:

Scent blog marketing blog.
Harrods introduces scent marketing.

…and our friends at Google of course.

Laat van je horen.