The lost art of sharing and saying thanks.1 min read

Just a little story of today:

A colleague took the time to forward me an invitation to an event (old school: a crappy cut and paste from a webpage into a mail).

I realized that this type of behavior is not common any more in many organizations. Contradictory, this behaving of sharing information, insights, ideas,… is becoming more and more important. Not only do you cut a lot of overhead costs caused by different people doing the same work, it also gives a boost to the knowledge and mutual understanding between different parts of the organization.

It took me 5 seconds to type a small thank you mail. Not for this specific link, but for the idea of spreading. It took me one minute to push the send button, because we are trained to limit communication to what is ‘essential’.

Do you think it was worth pushing the ‘send’ button?

Laat van je horen.