The limits of strategy consulting1 min read

The limits of strategy consulting.


Strategy consultants are a species of their own. They tend to come and go, but not always for the right reasons.

The thing is, as with most things, you should use strategy consultants as a cure for some diseases, not for all. Basically, they are probably a good choice when you need ‘exising knowledge’. Their business model is around best practices, so if you want to move into an industry, a new country,… they will help you in not making the mistakes others made.
They are also a good choice when you are the CEO of a major corporate and need to initiate a change. If they can back up your choice, it will not only be much easier to sell to your board of directors and shareholders, it will also make it easier afterwards when things get ugly.


But strategy consultants have their limitations. Putting your hope on them to do something truly innovating (if it’s best practices it is by definition done multiple times before you know…) or work on ‘small innovation’ by combining new ways of working, new tools,… with your day to day work, they are probably not a good choice (neither will they want to work on the day to day work since it seems to ‘small’).

That’s where intrapreneurs come in.

That’s where JOINED! can come in!

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