Missing things: The power of shared experiences.1 min read

Continuing on the previous-blog post, let’s talk about the pain of not doing things.

You know the feeling: some of your friends go on holiday together. Sure, you miss them and you are glad when they return with great stories and marvelous pictures, but you also feel excluded. Chances are that in the coming weeks, months, years,… they will remember stuff from that fantastic holiday, tell one of those great stories again, rediscover a photo of their journey. To bad you were not there…

Being part of a group, having a shared experience is a very strong motivator. Both the ‘experience’ and the ‘shared’ are important here.

The power of an experience in today’s world is much greater than that of pure possession of a good. Buying a good has become a commodity for almost every product. Living an experience is something unique, because of what YOU feel when you have it.

Combine this with being part of something, making this experience shared and valuable in your social network adds even more power.

If you can offer these shared experiences as a business, you’re good to go.

And on a personal note: Be sure to have a lot of social experiences!


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