Information sharing is becoming a default setting.1 min read

Sharing information, from your personal status (J-Lo is Single) to your work-status (P-Diddy is working on a segment strategy for oversea business) is becoming a natural way for Generation Y and below.
I received a new-years wish from LinkedIn telling me which of my connections changed jobs. Change is not only way of doing business, it is only communicated openly.

As it is important for youngsters to learn how to deal with the negative side-effects of this evolution, it is important for companies and teams to learn and even leverage this new behavior.

Companies were restricting for years: restricting access to certain documents, restricting access to buildings, restricting access to people. Not only is this behavior making employees feel like infants, it is also very short-sighted. It is not only in the service industry that knowledge = power. Your company’s major asset are not your employees, but the knowledge and interactions they share with the rest of your organization.

Share your wealth internally, it will bring all your employees to a higher level… of both happiness and productivity.

Laat van je horen.