Get your self some cloud motivation for 2011!1 min read

A new year ahead. The first Christmas shopping ideas come bouncing along, the good intentions start taking form.
But what if you do not have any good intentions?

What get’s you motivated? What idea makes you want to get up early, to bring out the best in that brainstorm, to ship this new product?

Wouldn’t it be nice to have a box full of creative starters, just like the box of chocolates?

The idea is to create a box of 100 MOO Cards with 100 different creative boosting motivational cards.

They can be quotes, ideas, brainstorm starters, just some crazy thing to do the day you pick up the card.

Here is the deal:

You choose one or both of the following:

  • You create a design that can easily be printed on MOO cards (details: see below) and mail the result to Anything goes, just keep it clean and simple.
  • You spread the word to friends, colleagues, exes,… that might be interested in designing one.

If we get to 100 cards, we do a collective wave and I put everything available in one .zip file so anyone can use MOO or any other service to print the cards.

We all enjoy living in a more creative 2011!

The rules:

Full bleed size (recommended for creating finished artwork)
874 x 378 pixels (300dpi)
74mm x 32mm (300dpi)
2.9″ x 1.26″ (300dpi)

You agree to keep your design open for everyone to print. Off course, you get full credit for your work.

Let’s keep it available to anyone: No extreme stuff.

We close when we are at 100 or at 20/12/2010, so spread the word!

Wrap up:

Laat van je horen.