Creating your organisation around the customers you have or the ones you want?1 min read

Why is it that most processes in companies are build to what I would call: ’mitigate the negative behaviour of bad customers’??

Let me explain this one. You all know these scenario’s: Before somebody can become a customer, she has to pass a complicated credit scoring system. This system is build not to help identify the ‘good’ customers, but to weed out the ‘bad’ ones; We set up control mechanisms, so customers can not combine 2 types of promo; You let them sign a 10 page contract; We make huge costs to divert customers to an online portal not because they have 24/7 access, but because it is cheaper than connecting them to a call agent. We have huge disclaimers to avoid complaints, refined dunning processes to get the money back from non-paying customers, triple identification,…

The problem with this is, that the majority of your customers are not trying to screw you. So you end up with a customer experience that is designed to rule out surprises for your company coming from 5% of your customers, but causes huge delays, frustration, waiting periods,… for the 95% of your good customers.

Result: huge loss of money, your good customers don’t feel threaded as they should and your organisation ultimately becomes build around fear and ways to avoid issues instead of creating added value.

What customers do you want to work for every day?

Laat van je horen.