Can we?1 min read

Can we…
Yes you can!
When people in your team ask you: “Can we…”
… launch this product
… use this colour instead of that one
… postpone this project
… launch this new project
… send out this customer communication.

The answer should be: off course you can, if you think it is the right thing to do.
For this to work, you need 3 things (next to capabilities to execute):
– a good culture/values (kudos to The Hubspot at
– access to information (make sure your people know what others are working on, what is important for the company and the customers right now

Strange that those 3 things seems to be the hardest for every team or company to acknowledge and to develop. Maybe we should force ourselves to book a fixed timeslot in our agent to work on culture & values, on information sharing and on trust?

Laat van je horen.