Follow up on your customers.

Getting a new customer can come at a high cost. Making a customer active, loyal, a brand ambassador,… is what really counts. This can be so simple, but so many companies do not even try to communicate with their new customers, let alone start a dialog with them.

Off course, you should target your new customers when it is relevant for them (See more on event driven marketing), but dropbox shows how simple this can be (no rocket science here): When you register for a new dropbox account and you do not use it for some weeks, you get a simple mail reminding you of the use for this simple but great piece of cloud software.

You probably cannot make it more simple, but it works. Great!

Ask yourself this question: what do you want to tell to your inactive customers, to your clients that have an issue, that are moving away from your service?

Introducing: The 4C Matrix

You also read the trend reports, get information from your agency or hear your son talk about all those new things. Socialweb, media, youth marketing, blablablah,…

The question is, what do you do with it? When I was working on a 20 slide presentation on Youth marketing, I realised that asking the question has already been done. It is the answer that is important. Realising that their is not 1 answer or solution, you might just leave it at that. However, with the advantages of the social web in mind (Not only talk the talk you know), I figured out that giving a possible solution and leave it open for discussion (yes, that is you!) is better than just making another presentation full of questions.

So I give you: The 4C Matrix that can help you in bringing together classical market segmentation theories and creative communication.

Dive right into the presentation right here!


Let me know how you see things!