A year full of Ikigai!

You know where the magic happens? Somewhere out of your comfort zone.

The real question off course is: what is the magic for you? That is where Ikigai comes into play.
Ikigai (生き甲斐) is a Japanese concept that I wish you all to live in 2016 (including myself ;-)).

It is about finding the intersection of what you LOVE (the thing that gives you energy), what you are GOOD at (where you are able to create value for the outside world), what the world NEEDS (what gives value & energy to the world) and what the world is willing to PAY for (that gives you a sustainable life).

Now that’s a lot of intersections to get it going. But it definitely seems worth it. So happy quest for your Ikigai in 2016!

Storytelling is the only telling.

There is no more telling:

… how things were 10 years ago. Because nobody cares, for the simple reason things don’t work that way any more.

… telling how to do a job. Because there is an infinite number of ways to get something done these days.

… how the threat your customers. Because the only way in this transparent world is with respect.

… what the future will bring. Because the only thing that’s for sure is that it will be different than today (and that’s a good thing).

… how to convince another human being. Because with information overload, the only thing that still matters is a story that inspires people.

Let’s create a story together!

Got inspired for this post after looking at Inspired by Gary Vaynerchuk 


Innovation is not a business unit, it is a mindset.

A lot of companies set up a dedicated innovation department, expect the world of it and then… get disappointed by the results.

The reason is simple: typically these departments are organised to work on business changing and money generation projects which tend to be… well large.

To make it very clear: they should be there and they should be filled with some of your best people, but innovation is more than only this. It is also about your team member having an idea on how to get your insights faster to the sales team, on how to save 1000 Euro by doing something different, on just testing out that new product tweak with a real customer (yes, he might be surprised, but he will not kill you for it), on trying to use a new tool to get organised better, on sharing that one thing you learned from that book/blog you read.

Innovation is about going out their, alone or with your team and challenge the status-quo of your day to day operations.