Digital Tools for the rest of us.

Digital tools are there to make our work life more easy, more efficient, more enjoyable. But a lot of them are very complicated, and there are a loooot of them, so they become more of a distraction.

I’m a big fan of those new ways of working and like to experiment with them. Sadly, a lot of time, tools don’t work out in a real life company that is not a trendy tech-startup. So I gathered the most basic tools that help you in managing your work, collaborate with colleagues, share files, get things done,… that actually work in an environment where not everybody is a digital native.

Enjoy ‘Digital tools for the rest of us‘! Share if you like!

A new year, A new agenda/planner/diary, A new design!

After using all kinds of offline and online tools to keep my life (both professional and personal) a little bit less chaotic, I decided it was time to make up my own agenda layout.

Apart from the urge to create something random, the non-fit between the existing agenda-solutions and my specific needs pushed me into it 😉

I found out that I love to have something you can touch. And after my iPod touch falling down to hard and loosing all the information, that ’touch’ part needed to be paper. I love Moleskine agendas, but the thing is: they are too simple.
On the other hand, you have very specific tools like the superb printable CEO series, but they are not really day to day planning tools for everybody.

So I designed a tool that focuses on personal and professional stuff, that lets you be creative and is sociable (build around people). First version for this year, so feel free to check it out, share your idea’s or order it right now!

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